Class Blog for JAMC 1400, Web Production

Welcome to JAMC 1400, Web Production! This course is designed to help students effectively engage a web-based audience using text, graphic, audio, and social media. In addition to developing technical skills in the areas of web design & production, social media management, search engine optimization and usability testing, we will try to keep up with trends in web production and social media.

Because technology development is a moving target, check this page’s blog posts for detailed updates about required readings, assignments, and due dates. This course calendar is another format you can use to let you know of due dates for projects and graded work.

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Week 3: Planning Your Blog and More WP

Due Tues: Developing a Successful Journalistic Blog, all parts of sections through “Ethical & Legal.” Print out and bring to class what you have completed for these sections in the course workbook.  In class: start developing a story idea list for your blog with a class exercise.

DUE Thurs: Finalized sticky post as a blog comment to this post.

In class:  Take NewsU course quiz (open notebook); more WP!

Week 2: Let’s Get Blogging!

Due Tues.: Blog comment about Don’t Make Me, Chap. 5; plus additional reading below(4)

To make your required comment below, first find a “great” blog on a topic that you might like to blog about, a blog you already read, or the blogging portion of a student website (examples ) from this class. Using specific terms from the online and textbook reading, give two (2) reasons (supported by examples from the blog…be very specific to get full credit) why this blog appeals to its audience (you!) and the content matches a smart niche, plus two (2) reasons it is well-done in terms of usability/scannability. Note: you should not discuss the design, but rather the written content. Try to add a hyperlink to the blog or a specific post (if you can’t do this, we will learn how-to in class).

In Class we will develop your “Listening Budget” of 5 key people to follow on Twitter (or Snapchat or Instagram…), 5 different folks to connect with on LinkedIn, and 5 feeds/websites to subscribe to, all of which will feed you content for your blog about your profession or area of interest. (you don’t need to post this: just for your use).

Due Thurs.: Be enrolled in the NewsU Coursepack and complete “Getting Started” section of course Developing a Successful Journalistic Blog (with workbook entries).

Skim beginning chapters of WordPress for Dummies (Chaps. 1-3; see library link from syllabus page of this site)

In class: Getting Started in WordPress.

Week 1: Course Intro, Exercise, Blog Comment Due

Tues: Course overview and Selfie Exercise.  

Due Thurs.: Krug, Chaps.1-2, and before class, using terms and concepts from the Krug reading (and to receive credit,you must cite the reading). Tell me: is class site usable for you, the audience?

1. The 3 best things about this class website are…BECAUSE….

2. The 3 things I’d like to see improved, reorganized, added or subtracted are…BECAUSE….

Note:  You receive 50 points pass/fail credit for all required blog comments (done both in and out of class), including this one!  That is how I grade preparation and attendance. If you have trouble posting your comment, we’ll go over how-to in class.

In class: More about branding and usability