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Welcome to JAMC 1400, Web Production! This course is designed to help students effectively engage a web-based audience using text, graphic, audio, and social media. In addition to developing technical skills in the areas of web design & production, social media management, search engine optimization and usability testing, we will try to keep up with trends in web production and social media.

Because technology development is a moving target, check this page’s blog posts for detailed updates about required readings, assignments, and due dates. This course calendar is another format you can use to let you know of due dates for projects and graded work.

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Week 15: Taking WP to Next Level

WordPress customization and Review
Tues: In class: taking WordPress to the next level.
Due Thurs Blog Post #4 (multimedia)

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Week 14 Multimedia in Action

Tues: You can have the time out of class to work on your video post, but as required blog comment due at the beginning of class time, please find and share an interesting example from the ongoing coverage of the Paris terrorism story that

  1. use of multimedia and infographics in a way that is exemplary, shows the characteristics discussed in class.
  2. uses social media and/or a short video app for reporting in an interesting/innovative way

Thurs: No class; Happy Turkey Day!


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Week 13 Short Video: Why and How-to

Tues.:Overview of Vine and other short video apps, storytelling technique, storyboarding.
Due Thurs: Blog Post #3 (text, infographic); NO CLASS:Work on video post.

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Week 12: Introduction to Multimedia Storytelling

Due Tues:  Required blog comment. Find an example of a blogger, journalist, social media “star,” or media company who/that uses short video as a way of engaging with an audience in a unique way (you can use examples linked to the readings), ideally not as a joke.

Include the link and analyze it in your comment based on the following readings:

IN CLASS DISCUSSION of multimedia package usability.

Thurs.: In-class critique of infographic draft.


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Almost Ready for Prime Time


In a few weeks, we will start doing formal peer critiques of your work, but in the meantime I thought it might be helpful to see the work of your classmates.

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Week 11 More Infographic Story Design

Tues.: In class: Watch NewsU webinar on Google Research, to help improve/create your infographic idea.
Due Thurs: Assessments for Google and LinkedIn NewsU (2 total) courses; 70% will be considered passing.
In Class: Best practices of infographic design; how to create a wireframe.

See the Infographic Resources on the sidebar for examples, tutorials, etc.

See this PDF of the handout given in class (advancedbestpractices)  for links to ways to improve the SEO of your infographic (a requirement for grading).

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Week 10: Managing Privacy, Promotion, and Social Media for Brand Management

DUE Tues.: Required blog comment on these additional “readings”:

Please answer this question (after thought and making reference to the readings/trends):

  • What is the proper balance between “privacy” and marketing yourself using social media?
  • What are the consequences of an online reputation?
  • And finally, what specifically do you do NOW to manage privacy and reputation on your social media accounts?

Due Thurs.: PROJECT 2 (new date); Read these tips of personal branding on social media and this how-to for  Sign up for a Hootsuite account and start managing your brand from it! In class: NewsU Linked In Webinar.


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