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Welcome to JAMC 1400, Web Production! This course is designed to help students effectively engage a web-based audience using text, graphic, audio, and social media. In addition to developing technical skills in the areas of web design & production, social media management, search engine optimization and usability testing, we will try to keep up with trends in web production and social media.

Because technology development is a moving target, check this page’s blog posts for detailed updates about required readings, assignments, and due dates. This course calendar is another format you can use to let you know of due dates for projects and graded work.

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Week 14: Balancing Privacy with Promotion

Due Tues.: Up to this point, you’ve been encouraged to promote yourself and your brand online. But is there such a thing as too much sharing of YOU?

Read this NYT article about privacy in the wake of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data controversy.  Also read the overview of this Data Detox (Day 0, both pages). Then post a required comment below answering this question:

  • After reading these articles, are you concerned about your privacy and use of personal data online? Why or why not?
  • Also, what actions do you currently take to protect your privacy online and in social media accounts?

In class: After an overview of privacy, we’ll work through several days of the “data detox” exercise and see what you learn.  Complete the rest of the steps as homework and by Thursday’s class, report what you learned as a blog comment.

Due Thurs: Required blog comment about after you finish the rest of the Data Detox.

  • Will you be changing any of your online practices long term?

And as if sharing too much data while you are alive, have you thought about what happens to the personal information of you and those you love after death? Read the following articles and be ready to discuss them in class. AND

In class: Discussion, work on website for final, peer critique/usability study.

Week 11: Thinking about Multimedia

Due Tues.: “Pitch” for infographic as a blog comment, including how it fits criteria of being “shareable”
In class: Best practices of multimedia storytelling.  See these examples in class.
Due Thurs.: Your next post will include a short video. So please read the following, paying attention the qualities a computer program found in the work of this influencer:

Then choose one of these folks or some other blogger, journalist, social media “star,” or media company who/that uses short video as a way of engaging with an audience in a unique way that advances a brand idea. Include a link to at least one video example then analyze what characteristics of content, technique, or brand you can borrow for your video post.
In class: Overview of short video storytelling technique, storyboarding.

Week 10: Infographics and Shareable Content

Week 10: Data story tools, Infographics, Shareable Content
Due Tues.:  Additional reading about infographics. Also, as a comment to this post, link to an infographic that you think follows the rules from the reading and explain why/how.  Or if it is an infographic you’ve seen go “viral” on your social media accounts, go ahead and share that, but critique why it is/is no effective.

In class: About infographics and begin brainstorming yours.

Due Thurs.: Blog Post #2 any topic, but in a structured format; also, begin NewsU course (webinar) Say No to Clickbait
In Class: Custom headers, Samples as slides/galleries.

Week 8: More SEO and Midterm

Due Tues.: Complete assessment for NewsU Copyright: 70% will be passing!

Note:  We’ll discuss why the email linking instructions no longer work on WP; apparently, a “contact page” form is the only solution.  So if you attempted to include an email and link didn’t work, no harm, no foul!

In class: SEO, Part 2 and Advanced widgets; by end of class, post SEO goals

Due Thurs.: MIDTERM