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Welcome to JAMC 1400, Web Production! This course is designed to help students effectively engage a web-based audience using text, graphic, audio, and social media. In addition to developing technical skills in the areas of web design & production, social media management, search engine optimization and usability testing, we will try to keep up with trends in web production and social media.

Because technology development is a moving target, check this page’s blog posts for detailed updates about required readings, assignments, and due dates. This course calendar is another format you can use to let you know of due dates for projects and graded work.

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Last Week, Last Class!

Because I will be off campus with another class making a presentation on Thursday, Tuesday will be our last class! So come with any questions about the vlog (video blog) assignment and the final.

In class we will be discussing pointers for taking WordPress to the next level. See the summary here:

Due Thurs.: Short video blog post, due at the beginning of the class period.

Due during the exam period: Final web site plus one additional post.  See class calendar for time and day.


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Extra Credit Opportunity

If you can help me by participating in a focus group about an interactive book chapter that I am developing, I might be able to compensate you with 100 points extra credit in this course.

The session will take only an hour of your time, on days during exam week. You can participate only once.

Note that I have only a few dates available at this time. I must also meet some particular criteria for participants, and can only work with a total of 10 students.  Therefore, I can offer no guarantee of participation. I will also consider your interest on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please fill out the following survey to show me that you are interested in participating:

Thanks for considering this!


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Week 14: Personal Branding in the Future

Due Tues.: We will NOT meet as a class, but please read/view the following about new developments in protecting your personal brand and comment to this post by the start of our usual class time.

1. Do you think it is a good idea for YOU (at this stage in your life) to use services that take your personal data off the Internet? Why or why not? AND

2. Though no one likes to think about this, unless you use one of the “expunging” services discussed in the first reading, your personal information is on the ‘Net forever. After viewing the CBS News video and story, what do you plan to do after death to protect your personal brand and/or those of people you love?



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Week 13 Telling Online Stories with Video

Tues.:Overview of Vine, storytelling technique, storyboarding.
Due Thurs at beginning of class: Blog Post #3 (text, infographic)

In-class: Work on video and/or Final Project.  Make an optional “Demo Appointment” (done in small groups) with DRJK by making a comment about one of the choices below or by suggesting a new one:

1. Photoshop: Adding custom fonts/colors/ to header image (helps control legibility of site title over custom header)
2. Using custom menus to control your Nav Bar.
3. Review of JPEGs to PDF links.
4. Cross-posting for SEO.

Feel free to suggest a demo by commenting below.


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Week 12: Understanding and Producing Multimedia

Due Tues.: “Pitch” for infographic as a blog comment (link to your WP page)
In class: View Webinar
Due Thurs: NewsU Quiz Math for Journalists (60% will be considered passing). Mini-conference on infographic with Dr. Kelly/Work on infographic in class.


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Week 11: More Infographics

In class Tuesday: blog comment linking to your infographic story idea on your WP site; in class, work on infographics and project
Due Thurs: Project 2 (custom header, more widgets, samples) of your website


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Week 10: Advanced Graphics for WP and Intro to Data Storytelling

Tues.: NewsU quiz for SEO Headlines completed  (70% will be passing).

Due Thurs.: Complete these portions oMath for Journalists: Averages, Percentages, Advanced Topics.

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