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Welcome to JAMC 1400, Web Production! This course is designed to help students effectively engage a web-based audience using text, graphic, audio, and social media. In addition to developing technical skills in the areas of web design & production, social media management, search engine optimization and usability testing, we will try to keep up with trends in web production and social media.

Because technology development is a moving target, check this page’s blog posts for detailed updates about required readings, assignments, and due dates. This course calendar is another format you can use to let you know of due dates for projects and graded work.

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Week 14, Week 15…almost done!

Week 14
Tues: No class, but have the NewsU quiz for Audacity completed by 3 p.m. this day; Work on multimedia blog post outside of class.
Thurs: No class; Happy Turkey Day!

Week 15 CSS and WordPress customization
Due Tues: Have CSS NewsU course completed when you come to class. In class we will discuss CSS and how it relates to taking WordPress to the next level.
Due Thurs: NewsU CSS Quiz completed (70% is passing); Blog Post #4 (multimedia)
In class: critique of classmate websites.

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Week 13: Sound and Soundslides

By Tuesday, please have the NewsU Audacity course completed (quiz due later).In class we will work more on photoediting of images for the Soundslides lab and learn more about audio slideshow storytelling techniques and how to storyboard.

Due Thurs: Blog Post #3 (text, infographic); Audio Editing lab, so bring a set of earbuds!

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Week 12 Intro to Multimedia Storytelling

Due Tuesday: View NewsU “Craft of Multimedia Journalism” (will not take a quiz on this one); as a required blog comment, find your own multimedia story (see class blog links in sidebar): post the link and discuss how it demonstrates good “craft” as discussed in the webinar.

Due Thurs:
Photos and photojournalism; in class lab


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Week 11: Data Story Tools & Math

Due Tues.: Skim Piktochart manual and some videos; publish rough draft of your infographic idea and research on YOUR website.
In class: blog comment linking to your infographic story idea on your WP site; in class, work on infographic lab and project
Due Thurs: Project 2 (custom header, more widgets, samples) of your website.


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Week 10 Wading into the Data Story Fog!

Due Tues:  This reading:

Take a look at your recent social media sharing behavior.  Do you find any infographics you have passed along? If you have NOT shared an infographic recently, pick on from this list:

In either case, make a comment below, provide a link and brief analysis of how an infographic example does/does not fit into the schema given in the reading.

Above, see one of my favorites, mostly because it was created pretty simply and is old-fashioned web technology: an animated GIF.  Does your name show up?

Due Thurs.: Quiz for SEO NewsU course.


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Week 9 Balancing Self-Promotion and Privacy

Tues.: (Blog Post #2 due) Please prepare for class by completing the NewsU webinar on SEO; in class we will set some SEO goals.

By beginning of Thursday’s class, please comment on the additional readings:

Facebook new privacy setting changes.;1n

Especially because many of you found surprising content when you Googled your name the other day, please answer this question (after thought and making reference to the readings/trends):

  • What is the proper balance between “privacy” and marketing yourself using social media?
  • What are the consequences of an online reputation?
  • And finally, what specifically do you do NOW to manage privacy and reputation on your social media accounts?

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Week 8 Advanced Graphics Production in WP

Welcome back from break!

Nothing is due today, but if you have access to images and files you’d like to put on a samples page, you will get the most out of today’s demo.

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